Wednesday, May 25, 1977


What is the SAAC?
The student-athlete advisory council (SAAC) is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience.  The SAAC also offers input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes' lives on NCAA member institution campuses.  Presently, there are separate national SAACs for NCAA Division I, II and III.  NCAA legislation mandates that all member institutions have SAACs on their respective campuses.  Further, NCAA legislation requires that all members conferences have SAACs.

The purpose of the student-athlete advisory committee may vary across conferences and institutions.  However, the following five points reflect the primary purposes of SAAC and should serve as a guideline when developing the SAAC's strategic plan.

- Generate a student-athlete voice within the institution
- Solicit student-athlete response to proposed NCAA legislation
- Suggest potential NCAA legislation
- Organize community service efforts
- Create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide or conference-wide committees

S.A.A.C. Officers 2013-14
President -
Luke Butler
Vice-President - Brittany Jenkins
Secretary - Kristi Blaisdell
NCAA National II SAAC Representative - Bradley Maldonado
Advisors - Dr. Jack Mansfield, Faculty Athletic Representative and Mike Smith, Associate Athletic Director

S.A.A.C. Members
Baseball - 
Logan Sawyer, Jacob West
Men's Basketball - Keenan Peterson, Paul Woodson
Women's Basketball - MaRanda Boddie, Elliotte Roberts
Cheer/Dance - Kristi Blaisdell, Hannah Hamilton
Men's Cross Country - Bradley Maldonado, Ryan Mecca
Women's Cross Country - Laura Newman, Taylor Grigsby
Men's Golf - Luke Butler, Tre Mullins
Women's Golf - Danielle Burrell, Lindsay Davis
Men's Soccer - Marcel Barwanietz, Isaac Cummins
Women's Soccer -Lauren Dusold, Brittany Jenkins
Softball - Danae Reed, Sam Smith
Men's Tenni   - Michael Koenen, Will Sparks
Women's Tennis - Jessica Baker, Kelsey Vinsant
Volleyball - Casey Mense, Kaitlin Walton